Tasty Shots – Vodka

Now for the vodka shot.  Or should I say shots?  Vodka is so versatile I can not, in good faith, only list one shot.  So I will do several with vodka even though I am going to try and come up with at least one shot for all of the major kinds of hard alcohol.  I’m not looking forward to Gin.  Oh well, here goes, the FIRST vodka shot.


1 oz. Whipped Cream vodka

*Though it may sound odd Whipped Cream vodka is very easy to find these days and is fairly inexpensive.   It started with Pinnacle Whipped cream vodka (which is what I use) but several other brands of vodka have released whipped cream flavors as well, including Smirnoff.  I guess the flavor has become, shall I say, trendy?

1/2 oz. Orange Juice

1/4 oz. Orange Soda

1/4 oz. 2% Milk



O.K., first rule of dealing with cream-based liquids when making cocktails: don’t pour your cream-based liquid strait into a hard alcohol.  At times it will curdle and that is gross.  My recipe calls for 2% milk instead of cream just to avoid this issue.  However, just to be safe, add the first three ingredients to a shaker with ice and shake, THEN add the milk after and shake once.  Strain liquid into shot glass.

Furthermore, this recipe is A LOT different then many of the other Creamsicle Shots you will find online, but trust me, mine is the best!  First of all it taste so good you really don’t even have to shoot it.  In fact, double the recipe and you have yourself a fantastic martini.  Secondly, the orange soda adds just the right amount of sweetness.  I have yet to see a recipe other than my own that includes it. Enjoy!

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